LOVE-Centerpiece / # LCP1 / $30

This centerpiece has routed Letters into the solid wood sides. These are painted black painted and spell LOVE with their respective Scrabble numbers. (These are not Decals). Has been made with a solid wood bottom. Does not include flowers or a round glass or plastic container which you can put into the top round cut opening so real flowers or plants can be used. They are a 7" cube size. Made out of 3/4" clear pine with no knots. Really nice and perfect Wedding table centerpieces.


These will no longer be made after they are gone.

  I have 10 of these as of November 6th 2017.


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Cedar Plant Stand / #CPS1 / $125

This rustic Cedar Plant stand is 85" tall and 34" wide. This is made fron Western Cedar and comes with 8 plant boxes are movable to any position on stand. Additional boxes can be bought for $10.00 each. Does not include flowers or plants.

I have 2 on hand.

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Beverage Cooler / #52PBCCS / $200

This Beverage cooler has a 52 Quart Igloo cooler inside. This item is made with heavy duty 2x4 inch pine legs. Cedar lumber throughout the rest of the cabinet. Brass drain valve to empty and drain water. Bottle opener mounted on side with Heavy Duty handles to move cooler with handle on top.

I will make these custom order. you buy and choose color.

Due to sales at Parkway craft show I Currently have none of these in stock but will take orders.

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Wine Display / #2GSBWD/ $20

This is a 2 glass surf board style wine display. made from birdseye maple and Walnut strips or Ash and Walnut strips.

4 currently available.

These can be special ordered in specific lumber combinations.

Check to see what lumber is currently available.

Walnut, Red & White Oak, Maple, Mahogany, and Purple heart are lumber combinations I have now.

Comes with 2 color combinations per board.

or additional $2 for each additional wood species used

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Pallet Wood Cross/ #PWC / $25

This Cross is made from Pallet wood lumber that has been layered and hand painted. It is 12" tall and 7" wide with a mounting hole for hanging on wall from nail or screw.

6 of these currently available.

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Wine Display / #4GR3WWD/ $32

This is a 4 glass wine display and is made from Cherry, Maple and Walnut wood. This display has a clear coat of satin lacquer finish with no stains or dyes to show the natural wood tones and grain.

2 currently available of this item.

Can be special ordered

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Folding Wine Display / 2GOFWD/ $50

This is a outdoor folding wine display. Made out of aromatic eastern red cedar finished with a clear lacquer. Folds down to place 2 glasses and holds a wine bottle. Has a handle that folds up for easy carrying.

Currently 2 available

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This bench donated to Parkway North High School Band fundraiser and is no longer available

This Garden Bench is made from 2x6 Pine lumber and is rot decay and insect resistant material. Comes finished in a durable water resistant outdoor grey finish. Comes with full length Red cushion for seat.

Will have new bench in Spring of 2018

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Cutting Board / CMWCB/ $35

This square cutting board is made from Walnut, Maple and Cherry lumber. It has a food grade finish of mineral oil and Bees wax and is ready to use.This one is currently the only one in  stock.

This only one like this available

These boards can be special ordered to your choices

3 colors of woods of your choice with addition $2 for each additional wood over the 3

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Hanging Wine Rack / 8GHWRU / $40

  Holds 7 glasses on bottom and 6-7 bottles of wine dependent on their sizes.

1 currently available in a Gray finish.

These can be ordered to customers dimensions and color of finish. Priced accordingly

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